SurgiPack® 1.2.3 Premium First Aid Small (6134)

SurgiPack® 1.2.3 Premium First Aid Small (6134)

The SurgiPack® 1.2.3 First Aid Kis incorporate innovative features which supersede traditional first aid kit products. Small size being a four pocket personal first aid kit. 

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Each pocket in the new system is a complete "incident" solution which hastens access and reduces response time.  The SurgiPack® 1.2.3 First Aid Kits cover the majority of common injury events which occur in the home, in the car, playing sports and outdoor recreation or while at work.  SurgiPack® 1.2.3 First Aid Kit opens to become a portable workstation, and closes quickly if you need to move or relocate.


SYMBION - 191280

API - 275794

SIGMA - 830893